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Alexis Eremia

Alexis Eremia

Driven by a deep passion for human evolution, Romanian born Alexis Eremia Co-founded emersense – a Vienna based social venture dedicated to creating ‘enabling spaces’ where young, idealistic, and sometimes big dreams can flourish. Emersense aims to create an ecosystem (supportive structures, processes, elements) that can enable individuals to make use of their potential of positive societal transformation, to engage their talents and their efforts for the betterment of the world by contributing to and developing new organizations, new solutions to address current and future issues in an innovative and sustainable way.

During her studies in Finance in Bucharest, she took advantage of the international students’ organization AIESEC, serving as executive financial officer, and executive people development director, helping organize training, conferences, and internships to help develop young peoples’ capacity. She then worked with Two Wings Foundation as a trainer in leadership and diversity, and helping develop an educational program on
sustainability. Later on she took the pragmatic challenge of Network Manager for the central and eastern European countries for Dexia Kommunalkredit Bank in Austria and working on her PhD in banking for sustainability.

Her current focus lays now on learning design for emersense and partner organisations, seed development of new social start ups, community building of the HUB Vienna and expansion of one emersense designs to Romania, Finnland and Kenya.