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Andreas Idl

Andreas Idl

Andreas Idl, Cropster, Austria

Andreas was working as a software developer in Austria. In his position he saw possibilities of technology to contribute to society in a positive manner, but usually it was not used in that way. His will to contribute actively was not satisfied. Andreas went to Cali, Colombia in 2007 to work at the Research Center CIAT. There he got in touch with an inspiring international community that focused on improving livelihoods of small farmers in development countries through research and development projects. Many projects showed positive impact, but in several cases research results needed further implementation in real world situations. Results and methods in publications and conference proceedings were not directly usable by farmers. Consequently the idea was born, to provide sustainable and direct services to farmers. This was the motivation for Norbert Niederhauser, Martin Wiesinger and Andreas Idl to found Cropster in 2007.

The Cropster team includes information engineers, geographers, agronomists and communication experts. Each one has lived and worked in Latin America. All are driven by the social vision to support sustainable agriculture. The Cropster team sees itself as social entrepreneurs with the main focus on improving the economical situation of farmers, solving problems caused by organizational dysfunction, inefficiencies and information asymmetries along the value chain.

Cropsters long term vision is “Supporting Sustainable Agriculture”. We do this by strengthening small size stakeholders in the agricultural market. With our online application Cropster C-sar we help them to overcome efficiency problems, allow better information flow, enable learning about their organization and production and achieve better market positions. Thus Cropster C-sar is a management and traceability tool.

Today Cropster is working on three continents with representations in Austria, Colombia and the USA. Our broad network includes a wide variety of partners from business, research institutions and development organizations.