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Chawanad Luansang

Chawanad Luansang

Co-founder of openspace,Thailand



And co-coordinator for community architects network in Asia,CAN. [www.achr.net]

I start working with urban poor community in Thailand since 2001 and start to learn how to be architect who can collaborate and facilitate in the process of change together with community. I do believe all people are creative and have potential to create a better solutions with the participatory design process that I create it uncover people potential and it rebuild new relationship among community people and  lead to collective solution that come from people themselves so in this way it address people needs, and base on their skills and relate to the culture that they belong.

Our works in Thailand  are focusing on housing projects for poor community, planning and upgrading community in the urban and rural area.

Since 2009 I start to work as coordinator to create and link community architects in Asia country our direction is to share experience and create a new education  platform for community people, architects and planner who want to learn how to work with community in participatory ways.

Looking back to my initiative it was in 1998 when I was architecture student and was witness eviction the poor community without any option it give me a strong motivation and light up the big question what I can do as architect? This burning flam still in my mind and I keep asking how can I use my creativity to build a new relationship with people as human being and bring us to love and compassionate to live in the world this should be the definition of architect, the questions bring me to the unknown step that I was taking for 12 years and I’m still learning for my work and my life.

(update 2013-01-29)