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Networking with other architects of the future is amazing, and the chance to connect with major business leaders and mentors is also very special.
Ruth DeGolia, Mercado Global

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Clemens Koblbauer

Clemens Koblbauer

Forest management and rural use of tree and bush varieties in sub-central Sanipaya, Bolivia

Koblbauer has recently begun working as project adviser for Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua for the DKA and KFBÖ. The particular challenge of his work, which links theory and practice, lies in accompanying and implementing projects in a dialogue with local partners.

At the beginning of his vocational career, Koblbauer advised scientists from non-European countries, who studied at Austrian universities and/or were working on scientific projects in the south. In the context of the Austrian Development Co-operation (EZA), Koblbauer studied agriculture at the University of Agriculture in Vienna and specialized in plant production. In the course of his studies, he was able to gain important experiences in countries of the south (Bolivia, Ecuador, Pakistan, South Africa, Ethiopia). His 10-month-long field research for his thesis in a Bolivian mountain farmer village was decisive for his future career path. He was able to supplement his training at the Humboldt University Berlin with a training course in development policy entitled “Seminar for Rural Development.”

On Waldzell 2005
Our group of the “Architects of the Future” was a very heterogeneous one. Therefore our ways of thinking, our visions and even the opinion about the speakers’ comments differed extremely. After participating at the Waldzell Meeting 2005, I can confirm that you really learn the most from people that are not like you. Out of the bundle of new ideas that I assimilated two of them still occupy my mind and have developed as key messages for me.

There is no need to search for answers in life. It is more important to ask the right questions. So, I ask myself, what can I change in my life or how can I transform myself. If we wish to transform our planet and to go for a future with meaning, we have to start transforming ourselves. Until now I am still analyzing…

I cannot remember any special moment. For me the whole meeting was a very inspiring event. I enjoyed the breaks, when I had the chance to have an informal chat with the speakers and other participants. Exactly in those moments I could listen to very interesting and personal stories. Maybe this happens because, then, people relax and stop merely behaving in a “wise” and “intellectual” manner.