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Dana Muin

Dana Muin

Fascinated by the miracle that is the human being, after completing high school, she began her medical studies at the University of Vienna. Muin’s researcher spirit has led her to the examination of preventative medicine, in particular the question of what keeps certain peoples, as in Okinawa or Vilcambamba, healthy and long-lived. According to these findings, she would like to define new guidelines for an efficient form of age prevention. In terms of curative medicine, she sees the necessity for the continuous innovation of better therapeutic possibilities in the oncological field.

She wants to further examine and investigate the molecular process of tumor development, and with which means,  prevent the illness.

In striving towards constant personal and spiritual development, she considers communication with humans as particularly important. Her dream in life is to travel the world and collect people’s stories into a book.

On Waldzell 2005
The Waldzell Meeting 2005 was a truly enriching encounter with high-minded people that led me to shape a new perspective on many different topics and also empowered me to follow my visions and think more ambitiously about global topics. The raising of Dechen-Shak Dagsay’s soft, yet strong voice, literally illuminating the Church at Melk, has revived my passion and allowed me to ride on an uplifting wave of energy.