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David Marek

David Marek

David Marek basically works as a systemic coach and psychologist. Appart from that David is intensively engaged with the design and realization of projects in the field of cultural transition and sustainable and participatory ways of living and economic activities. Last autumn he co-founded the association “United Creations” to ally several projects to a big whole. United Creations follows its vision, “Living creatively in solidarity.” by establishing structures and know-how for a sustainable and holistic life as well as connecting people inspired by its vision. To fulfil its target United Creations initiates projects and generates knowledge to all dimensions of life in 5 main working circles. The basis of its acting is the connection to our world and our inner source. Its projects are situated in the city, suburbs and countryside and seek to build-up a lively network. All projects care about finding new sustainable and holistic ways by considering old valuable traditions and technologies, empowering and connecting people and forming communities. So far already more than 100 active, voluntary working people are engaged and thrilled by the possibilities as well as challenges caused by a participatory, community-based, experimental and innovative project such as United Creations.

To find more information (unfortunately only in German) visit our homepage www.unitedcreations.org or contact david.marek@unitedcreatins.org