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Gregor Demblin

Gregor Demblin

After an accident Gregor Demblin is quadriplegic and sits in a wheelchair. His personal experiences showed him how many prejudices and false attitudes there are towards persons with disabilities. When he started to work, he developed a whole number of different projects with the aim of improving the living situation of persons with disabilities, better infrastructure and the reduction of attitudinal barriers. Among them Career Moves is the most important project he developed, since work is the main factor for an independent and satisfied life.

The target of Career Moves is to reduce unemployment of persons with disabilities. For most people, employment is one of the main factors for gaining economic independence, self-fulfilment, social involvement and appreciation. For most persons with disabilities, these goals are out of reach.

The idea of Career Moves is the creation of an inclusive job platform for persons with disabilities, with focus on their abilities and performances. The concept of Career Moves requires the collaboration with existing mainstream hob platforms, to avoid segregated services for persons with disabilities. The service has to be very simple for employers: jobs can be labelled with simple icons, telling if the job can be done easily with certain disabilities.

Started in 2009, Career Moves already begins to change society. Among our greatest successes are:

  • The constantly growing number of job offers
  • The growing number of Career Moves’ employees
  • Consulting of more than 250 companies
  • Ikea (all their jobs are offered to persons with disabilities) and Mc Donalds Project (1-2 persons with disabilities in every Austrian Mc Donalds restaurant
  • Nomination in the Essl Zero Report 2011