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Idil Elveris

Idil Elveris

A Turk’s Memoirs from New Orleans to Kosovo
Elveris is an attorney admitted to practice in New York and Istanbul, but was quick to quit legal practice when she had her “call” to contribute to justice and equality. She served at the UN Mission in Kosovo for one year, published her memoirs, and moved to Istanbul Bilgi University Law School where she established the first (social responsibility) clinical programs in Turkey. The project, whereby she trains and supervises her students to give lay people basic legal education, was chosen as one of the best practices in education in Turkey. She also oversees a program whereby students provide legal advice for those who are otherwise unable to afford legal counseling. She is also involved in research projects and activism that aims to contribute to fair and efficient administration of the judiciary and access to justice for the poor.

On Waldzell 2005
First of all, I met young and bright people that I would like to stay in touch with. Funny enough, in less than 2 months, I managed to see two of them in person already. This proves to me that we did in fact manage to “connect.” Second, I took ideas and insights for a better future home with me. I think over time, these ideas will change Waldzell to find a new course and mission. I thought the speakers were chosen with a lot of care from diverse backgrounds which therefore made listening to them a truly insightful and memorable experience. I was especifically very impressed by Thom Mayne and Christian de Duve. I think their warnings, predictions, and descriptions were the most memorable moments from me. I do consider myself to be lucky to have seen them in person.