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Julia Huemer

Julia Huemer

Parameters of mental health and disease in unaccompanied refugee minors in Austria
Julia Huemer completed her medical studies at the Medical University of Vienna one year below the minimum duration of study.

During her studies she completed practical internships at the Social Paediatric Centre of the Neonatological Department of the University Clinic Charité Berlin (development diagnostics), at the UNESCO regional office in Bangkok (influence of art on the cognitive development of children and adolescents) as well as at the UNICEF regional office in Laos (field research on development diagnostics in Lao infants).

Since July 2005, she has been a resident in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry, first at a medical practice for neurology and psychiatry, and since November 2006 at the University Hospital Vienna, Department for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Her special interest in the area of transcultural psychiatry led her to her current study about parameters of mental health and disease in unaccompanied refugee minors in Austria.

She is also training to be a psychotherapist. In her spare time, she is active as a volunteer of the Austrian Maltese hospital service.

On Waldzell 2005
It is difficult to answer the question of what I took with me from the Waldzell Meeting 2005 since a lot of changes and developments are still in some sort of evolvement. From my point of view, the conversations at the meeting emphasized the importance of single actions, the notion that you can change the world – at least to some extent – in everyday situations. I took with me a stronger enthusiasm about the idea of making your dreams and aims a reality and of taking up the challenge to answer the questions life asks you in a responsible and warm-hearted way. As for the most memorable moments at the Waldzell Meeting, first of all, the direct contact and conversations with the speakers come to my mind. During the breaks, there was time to get involved in specific discussions initiated by the speakers in the podium sessions and a lot of inspiring thoughts were discussed.

One of the most impressing experiences for me was the encounter with the “Architects of the Future” – 18 young people from all over the world, who have never seen each other before and who come from entirely different cultural backgrounds. All of us got on well and we benefited from each other to a large extent – not only concerning the insight into different projects opinions, which definitely broadened my horizon.