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Kingsley Bangwell

Kingsley Bangwell

“In this life time, I will work for youth ONLY, that is why I wake up every day” says Kingsley Bangwell a passionate youth development entrepreneur. In 1995 at age 22 Kingsley started Youngstars Foundation in a local barber shop in Jos, Plateau state and for 7 years conducted activities without funding, an office or staff. Consumed by his passion for young people, he remained steadfast and resolute in his commitment to build young people and strengthen youth organizations towards positive participation in nation building specifically in the areas of leadership, governance and entrepreneurship. Today, his organization has grown to be one of the renowned youth organizations in Nigeria with its headquarters in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria and an outreach staff in Ghana. Over the years, Kingsley through his organization has continued to reach and impact millions of young people through some of his model projects namely

  • DESPLAY Africa Youth democracy academy operating since 2005
  • Publication and distribution of  7 youth capacity building booklets called “How to series”
  • First Time Voters Series in Ghana
  • Yen Kasa Young Voters Forum in Ghana
  • Annual Nigeria Youth Stakeholders Forum
  • Youth Works Top 12 Annual Awards
  • Youth Power weekly radio program
  • “My Vote Fit Change Naija” 13minutes voters education program for Nigeria 2011 elections which US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tweeted
  • “I Voted Now Wetin” youth post election film and handbook
  • Coordinating Learning Visits across West African countries
  • Producing and broadcasting the Intra Faith Youth Television Debate Series
  • Online forums and youth competitions among others.

Kingsley’s work has earned him some prestigious awards including ASHOKA fellowship in 2008, a service award for social entrepreneurs around the world, Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum in 2009 and in 2010 Member Bretton Woods Committee and Fellow Architect of the Future by Waldzell Institute. Kingsley is also Alumni of the Harvard Kennedy School on Leadership as well as a Fellow of the Stanford Democracy and Leadership Program. In 2011 he authored the chapter on Youth Entrepreneur in the book “Youth Effect” published by the Young Global Forum of World Economic Forum.

By divine providence he has also served as a branch pastor of Power City Int’l Church in Jos between 2008 and 2012 which has sparked an interest to facilitate a platform for bridging Christian youth and social development issues. He is happily married to Princess Irene Bangwell who is passionate about integrating ethics, empathy and cognitive thinking into the growing experiences of children aged 5 to 17. Kingsley’s work has taken around the world speaking and engaging on youth issues. His key aspiration for this decade is to build a world class youth development resource center in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria.