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Kristina Ambrosch

Kristina Ambrosch

The Black Tent

Over 5,000 years the black tent has helped various nomadic tribes to conquer deserts and mountains facing all obstacles and difficulties of a challenging environment. Being rain-impermeable, windstorm – resistant, heatable by bonfire and providing cool interior space (temperature difference: 20-30 ºC) in hot regions, the black tent is still unmatched in its qualities. The research results present an intelligent hybrid textile, made of woven black goat hair, which challenges the future. The extraordinary cooling effect of the black tent can play an important role in subjects of passive cooling and ecological living. The black tent stands between modern and old traditions, between the so called “Western Culture” and Islam, between wastemaking building materials and easy recycling, between energetic air-conditioning and simple passive cooling, between exploitation of resources or intelligent use of ecological methods.