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Marcella Echavarria

Marcella Echavarria

Born and raised in Medellín, Colombia, Marcella keeps a foot in New York City and travels the world to weave a tapestry of forgotten cultures, talent, tradition and meaning.  Her passions are storytelling, photography, design, branding, innovation, food, travel, and sustainable development among many others.  Her life’s journey is about building bridges, weaving invisible threads and translating emotion into words and images.

She works one‐ on‐one with artisans all over the world to preserve their craft and enhance profitability by linking developing communities to developed markets.

Marcella has a BA in history and literature from Brown University, a certificate in book and magazine publishing from Radcliffe, a Masters in Sustainable Development and many years of experience as a social and cultural entrepreneur.  She founded SURevolution, a sustainable fashion company with an outstanding brand recognition and commercial presence in the US.

Her consulting clients include The United Nations (UN), Unesco, USAID, Technoserve, The International Finance Corporation (IFC), Grassroots Business Fund, The Organization of American States (OAS), The Governments of Colombia, Cambodia, Perú, and Swaziland and many institutions and companies such as Cadex Bolivia, Bavaria Colombia, Repsol Bolivia, Kirah Design Bolivia, Adele Dejak Kenya, Vista Alegre Brazil.

Marcella is deputy editor of Hand Eye Magazine, an independent, international publication that explores the nexus between design and development, culture and commerce, art and craft, and environment and ethics. She is also a frequent writer and photographer for  Indagare, Daily Candy, Summus, Travel and Leisure, The Ethical Fashion Forum, Avianca, ED from Chile and many other publications and blogs focused on design, fashion, sustainability, good food and new ways of defining luxury.

She has shared her experience as a speaker at the International Development Bank (www.iadb.org), at the Foro Artesanal FONART in México, FAFA in Kenya, DNA South Africa and at many Unesco and other events about sustainability and entrepreneurship worldwide.

Marcella developed the curriculum and taught the first hand on class on Small Enterprise Development at the BBA Program in Design and Management in 2011.

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