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Ruth DeGolia, Mercado Global

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Martin Kirchner

Martin Kirchner

Martin has been chosen as one of the first „Architects of the Future“. He has devoted many years to develop a model settlement for sustainability, which is currently being built in Lower Austria. Out of the inspiration of meeting other social entrepreneurs from around the globe he developed “Pioneers of Change” in Austria, which is a holistic training program to empower regional changemakers. It is running successfully since 2010, with soon almost 100 participants who meanwhile also build a strong network and movement for change. After our “prove of concept” starting in Vienna we are now transferring the program to other region starting with another part of Austria, Italy and Germany. Personally Martin will spend 2013 in the visionary Auroville-project  in India to do a sabbatical together with his wife and his three kids.


(update 2013-01-29)