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Ruth DeGolia, Mercado Global

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Reinhard Haslinger

Reinhard Haslinger

Reinhard Haslinger works for the World Bank in Washington, DC, where he is mapped to the Bank’s Europe and Central Asia Region department. Reinhard works with governments of client countries on governance issues in service delivery, such as capacity building, anti-corruption, and institutional development. This included the design and organization of workshops on informal payments in the Caucasus where Reinhard took a leadership role.

Reinhard has always been interested in understanding life and the world. His personal search has taken him abroad, and he has lived and travelled extensively in the Indian subcontinent, West Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas. Reinhard also worked and lived for several months with the monks of the Benedictine monastery Europakloster Gut Aich, Wolfgangsee, Austria.

Reinhard Haslinger holds a Master’s degree from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration.

On Waldzell 2005
The Waldzell Meeting, I can say, strongly encouraged me to continue to get involved, to have a say and to communicate my thoughts and reflections and to make contributions. Not just for the purpose itself because in the end, someone or something will bring us all and everything together. Just like Waldzell. When I arrived at Melk I was pretty enthusiastic but frankly had no idea what the Waldzell Meeting would be like. I knew that some very famous people would be there and one of them would take care of the “Architects of the Future.” Maybe my expectations were somewhat unrealistic but I guess I can say that I was very surprised that some of these people would be so different from what I had imagined. Funny but that is what happened, and, in fact, probably a good reminder that the world and its people are so different and unique. In the end, what really counts is not how you think others would be but what you actually do and have done with your own life. And with regard to that, there were also these inspiring moments that I like to recall, two of them especially. At the very beginning, there was a little pathway with signs for every year of your life. So literally walking down the years of my life next to other wanderers, that was just amazing. It was not only an inner experience or a mind game, but actually a physical remembrance of experiences from the past that I will gladly make use of during the years to come. And the other inspiring moment was meeting Peter Senge. That a management guru would be a man with such immense sensory acuity, sensitivity, humanity, and holistic knowledge – that was not only a touching, moving, and inspiring moment, but a lasting and invigorating experience.