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Richard Alderson

Richard Alderson

UnLtd. India

UnLtd India’s mission is to create long-lasting change through incubating India’s next generation of social entrepreneurs.

Whilst certain sectors in India are booming, poverty, lack of education and health issues remain for hundreds of millions of people across the country. UnLtd India is built on a belief that it is individuals working at the grassroots – not necessarily the government, nor the established NGO sector – that can bring the critical new ideas, energy, and resources that are needed to solve these problems.

The program will identify these exceptional leaders, provide them with a tailored mix of just-in-time finance and support (training, networking, peer-learning, consultancy, coaching, and mentoring) to enable them to successfully start up their initiatives, and prepare their fledgling organiZations for further investment. It will fill a critical gap in the support landscape in India through focusing on mostly unproven individuals at the beginning of their journeys as social entrepreneurs.

The scheme will also link changemakers in the UK with those in India, enhancing their ability to create social impact in their respective countries. It will do this through interactive exchanges, internship opportunities, and an annual international conference on social entrepreneurship in India.

Working in conjunction with two well-established Indian partner organizations, the project will run a two-year pilot scheme, aiming to support 100 social entrepreneurs in two contrasting locations: Mumbai and Tamil Nadu. This will launch at the end of 2007.

UnLtd India has been inspired by the work of UnLtd, the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs, in the UK, but is an independent and separately-funded organization.