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Sari Bashi

Sari Bashi

Gisha: Center for the Legal Protection of Freedom of Movement

Gisha promotes long-term development of Palestinian society by changing Israeli policies to facilitate the free movement of people and goods necessary to invest in human and economic resources. Gisha, whose name in Hebrew means “access,” brings the claims and narratives of Palestinian institutions and individuals before Israeli courts (through litigation) and before Israeli public opinion (through public information), to demonstrate the common Israeli-Palestinian interest in allowing young people to develop the skills they need to build a peaceful, prosperous society. Intense and daily travel restrictions, imposed by Israel since its occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, have stunted the ability of 3.4 million Palestinians to achieve education, training, and economic development, particularly in Gaza.

Each year, millions of dollars invested in Palestinian development projects are wasted because of travel restrictions that prevent people from accessing them. Gisha’s model aims to help people in a region of conflict, change the way they consider their interests and obligations vis-a-vis their neighbors, and realize the risks posed by blocking their neighbors’ ability to develop.