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Selene Biffi

Selene Biffi

‘You do not have to be extraordinary to do extraordinary things. An average Joe with an unbound passion; that is all it really takes to change the world’

I have always believed in the power of ‘one’; the idea that each and any one of us is indeed unique, the assumption that each and any of us is resourceful, the belief that each and any of us possesses sheer power to make a difference and leave the world a bit better that he or she found it.

I believed in these so much in fact that, since I very young age, I tried as hard as I could to create opportunities for peers and adults alike to get involved in a renewed, holistic and shared vision for change. Be it through Youth Action for Change – the organisation I founded at age 22, now active in 130 countries worldwide – my work with the UN in ten countries, striving to inspire and empower people to thrive, or Plain Ink – a humanitarian venture conceived after working with illiterate, destitute communities in Afghanistan – I have always pushed myself out of the conventional comfort zone to create ways to help people leverage their full potential, hone their skills and share their wisdom to tackle the challenges affecting the mankind at large.

It has been a rewarding and interesting journey; it can only be seen as a true privilege, that of working to help create a better world while also embarking on personal self-discovery and possibly, betterment. On the other hand, it has requested immense personal sacrifices and losses, with high prices to be paid along the way.

Challenges abound everyday, and the resources that one ultimately needs in dire, difficult times are those that cannot be acquired with money: strength of vision and spirit, moral courage, renewed sense of purpose and belonging. These can only be rekindled by finding oneself in a place and community such as Waldzell, where people commit to inspire and be inspired, work in unison to tackle grand challenges, deepen their spiritual thinking and understanding, eventually finding hope, encouragement and ingenuity.

Despite the fact that my path and my potential are clear and sound, I simply cannot tell what future may hold for me and my social endeavours other than the fact that we are helping shape a more equitable, fairer and sustainable world. However, I do see quite clearly that Waldzell could become a pivotal experience in my human and professional growth, contributing immensely to my present and future.