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Sriram Venkatanarayanan

Sriram Venkatanarayanan

NalandaWay Foundation

Sriram in his earlier assignment worked for a leading technology firm in Chennai, India as the Head of New Initiatives. He holds a Post Graduate qualification in Advertising and Communications. After his early years as an entrepreneur, he was involved in various capacities from 1998 to August 2004: product development, advertising, and international marketing.

Sriram had earlier founded and managed “SEAT” (Society for Enrichment through Advance Techniques) – career survival initiative for youth that enabled college students to have interactions with business and corporate heads.  He co-founded “Bruised Hearts” – counselling center for youth, which provided guidance and counselling to young people.

Sriram is the founder of NalandaWay Foundation and is involved full time in the management of the organization. NalandaWay Foundation is helping low-income, marginalized children in India overcome challenges to do extra-ordinary things.

The children media project was born out of this simple idea. Through a unique learning through journalism program, young people aged 12 to 18 research, write and film stories, on issues that are important to them for publication in newspapers, television and radio. In the process they learn new skills, become sensitive to surroundings, raise their self-esteem and develop their potential.

NalandaWay Foundation believes that children have a right to speak in the way the society provides for their learning and emotional needs. We create platforms for children to express themselves through drama, music, and films. Established by Ashoka Fellow Sriram V. Ayer after his personal experience during the 2002 Gujarat communal carnage, NalandaWay seeks to build bridges in the society through children’s voices. NalandaWay
has produced 47 media productions in Radio, TV, Films, and Online with the direct participation of over 3,900 children from the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi.

Over hundreds of children’s lives are having visible and verifiable change as a direct impact of our work. Impact:

  •    Child labourers are negotiating with their employers and parents to return to school,
  •    Mothers are rejecting early marriages to their daughters,
  •    Schools are ensuring safe and clean toilets to their pupils,
  •    Teachers are making their teaching methods more joyful and activity based,
  •    Children and young people from fortunate homes are becoming sensitive and caring thereby their behaviour is changing from “I want it” to “I can do it”.