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Till Behnke

Till Behnke

Till Behnke majored business informatics. From 2000 to 2003, he was product manager for pay box. Later, he worked as a project manager for Daimler Chrysler Financial Services. He is the CEO of the Betterplace Foundation, as well as the co-founder of the Betterplace.org.

Betterplace.org is a website for social projects from around the world, which can be directly supported by offering donations in money, kind, know-how, or time – by individuals or companies. Betterplace.org surrounds each presented project and consists of different users who give an account of their experiences with the person responsible for the project and the project itself. Thus, over time, there develops a differentiated evaluation system for projects, which prevents fraud, increases project efficiency and enables supporters to choose projects according to their own criteria.

Betterplace Foundation ensures that 100% of the donations are channelled to their intended target. Therefore all of the Foundation’s overheads are covered through the profits made by Betterplace Solutions GmbH and their partners. The Betterplace Foundation is operationally managed by its CEO whilst the Founding Benefactors provide strategic direction as well as daily advice and input on many issues.

These roles are complemented by the Trustees and the Circle of Support, two groups that provide essential outside perspective and guidance to the Foundation’s management.