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Vishal Talreja

Vishal Talreja

Vishal co-founded Dream A Dream (www.dreamadream.org) along with 11 others, in 1999. Post his graduation and three years in the corporate sector with Xerox and Technology Holdings, Vishal moved from Investment Banking to Dream banking by taking over the reigns of Dream A Dream in 2002. As the Executive Director, he is involved in the vision achievement, strategic direction and management of Dream A Dream.

Dream A Dream is an 12-year old professional organization that is working on empowering young people from vulnerable backgrounds by developing life skills and at the same time sensitizing the community through active volunteering leading to a non-discriminatory society where unique differences are appreciated.

Under Vishal’s leadership, Dream A Dream has grown to impact the lives of over 12,000 young people in 12 years through the active support of over 1800 volunteers. Dream A Dream is today acknowledged as a professional organization doing some innovative work in the area of life Skills development amongst young people from urban slum communities and setting very high-standards of transparency, accountability and impact. Over the next 3 years, Dream A Dream is working to scale the impact of its work to over 240,000 young people across India and make Life Skills Education an integral part of the Education System.

Dream A Dream was the regional finalist (south) at the India NGO Awards 2007 & 2010, Has been a winner in 2011 and a runner-up at the Outstanding Annual Report Awards for 2009 and 2010 and was a Global runner-up at the Japanese Award for Most Innovative Development Project hosted by the Global Development Network. Dream A Dream was also a Silver Winner at the Global Sports Forum Barcelona in 2011.

Vishal is an Ashoka Fellow (www.ashoka.org) and also sits on Boards of many organizations including Unltd India and Bangalore Cares. He has represented Dream A Dream at many national and international forums including as an “Architect of the Future” at the Waldzell Meetings – A Global Dialog on Inspiration at Austria, and as a delegate of the International Visitor Leadership Exchange Program hosted by the Department of State, United States. Vishal also received the prestigious Eisenhower Fellowship in 2012. Vishal also mentors many start-up NGOs and provides his expertise in areas of governance, strategic planning, fundraising strategy, project evaluations, financial planning, etc as an independent consultant.

“The Architects of the Future program hosted by Waldzell Institut has been the most significant experience of my life as it took me into deep introspection of my life, my dream and my passion in life. It helped me connect with some of the most inspiring young minds from across the world with whom I have built life-long deep bonds of support, care and love. The AOF program created a space for young social entrepreneurs like me to share our dreams for the world, share our fears and find a common ground for understanding and future action. For me the AOF program has been like an annual pilgrimage to rediscover and find myself again and again.”

(update 2013-01-29)