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Networking with other architects of the future is amazing, and the chance to connect with major business leaders and mentors is also very special.
Ruth DeGolia, Mercado Global

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By virtue of their activities as prosperous leaders and dedicated philanthropists, mentors of the “Architects of the Future” possess the experience and the opportunities to adequately encourage a young social entrepreneur on his journey. They will advise and actively support the new “Architects of the Future” and help them put their ideas into effect in an economically successful way. This will allow for inspiring visions to materialize and turn into powerful initiatives for a better world.

The Mentors Club was invented to contribute to the promotion of a society that is based on the appreciation of mutual give and take, acknowledging service to society as an economic paradigm. It offers a platform to people who are striving for a deeper meaning in their lives and actions.

We firmly believe that the exchange between experienced leaders and creative and innovative young social entrepreneurs will act as an important impetus towards a more sustainable economy and a peaceful society.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor of the “Architects of the Future” initiative please get in touch with us at office@architectsofthefuture.net!