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Edozie Imoh Colins

Edozie Imoh Colins

Protecting our Future
He has worked in various youth based organizations and was involved in the setting up of the Africa Network of Young Peace Builders (ANYP). He was the Africa Desk Coordinator working at the International Secretariat of the UNOY in the Netherlands. The ANYP is a continental initiative that joins the efforts of young people in over 40 African countries for the purposes of building peace and actively collaborating in the search for the non-violent resolution of conflicts.

He has been awarded the prestigious Winston Fellowship in 2003 to attend the Summer Peace Building Institute of the Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) in the USA. Professionally, he holds degrees in Town Planning and Engineering, and has just completed a Masters in Environmental Management.

His long-term goal is to establish a center in the Niger Delta, which will be involved in training and advocacy in the areas of environmental and conflict management.

About Waldzell 2005
The Waldzell Meeting was a dialog of inspiration in many ways or, if you wish, in a different way. For me, this dialog could be interpreted according to each person’s level of development and aspiration. It was different from previous meetings that I have attended. The setting was quite unique, and I was able to meet interesting people. The concept of the “Architects of the Future” was quite innovative; the “Architects” represented a spring in winter. A true bond of friendship and solidarity was evident among the “Architects.” I will say that, on a deeply personal level, I was able to meet people who believed in and supported our peace education project in Nigeria. The outcome was a website built by a member of the “Architects of the Future” and sponsored by a member of the “Architects of the Future.” I left the meeting energized in a different way, believing and reaffirming the power of belief. This belief is a not wishful thinking but a product of the power to triumph in circumstances that might be different and challenging. In a nutshell, I took a different type of inspiration home.

The glass bead game was quite memorable for me, because it seemed to be the place where the dialog actually took place. The beginning was quite classic, the walk through the garden and the labyrinth.