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Nazrul Islam

Nazrul Islam

The Bangladesh Global Connections and Exchange Project
The Bangladesh Global Connections and Exchange Project has established Internet enabled computer centers in secondary schools across Bangladesh. The program’s main goal is to increase global dialogue and educational opportunities by installing information and communication technologies with Internet access in schools, and to develop training and learning projects for teachers and students.

The project works in 27 secondary schools in Bangladesh’s semi urban and rural areas which lack technological resources and educational opportunities. Most of these schools are under served, resource poor, and serve students from poor and disadvantaged communities. Before the project began in 2003, these schools had not been equipped with computers and internet and almost all students of these schools never saw computers before RI SOL started the project in the schools. The teachers of theses schools were not familiar with use of new information and communications technology in teaching and learning. The schools are located in densely populated community where the dearth of information and technology services were also acute.