Architect of the Future - HERMES ARRIAGA

Harvesthink tackles the common problems of rural areas in many European countries like aging of population, high levels of migration, lack on employment and in pacrticular in Croatia the high dependance on summer tourism and the need for more entreprenurial attitudes and innovativeness.

Harvesthink vision is to build a local diversified economy based on entrepreneurship and fueled by empowered and conscious community members where local resources, heritage, wisdom, skills and social capital blend with global experiences and resources.To achieve this, the Harvesthink team has launched Harvesthink travel lab.

A one week activity that matches unused existing infrastructure, available natural resources and human capital with experience seekers by offering a unique meaningful travel experiences in rural areas. By 2015, harvesthink Impact trip will create a network of 32 families, it will provide in average 2,700 euros of extra income per family, 20 trained local hosts plus 2 full time employed locals and several branded local harvesthink products.


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