Architects of the Future

A world-wide community of inspired young social entrepreneurs who seek to disseminate their deepest and most special concerns on the basis of successful ventures.

Their respective work is focused on social and ecological problem areas, thus exemplifying service to society as a new economic mission statement. By linking their awareness for integrated thinking to successful entrepreneurship and combining social warmth with social commitment, the “Architects of the Future” act as forerunners of a new economy. They are inspiring role-models for all those who are aiming for a meaningful and productive life.

Following the initiative’s foundation in the context of the Waldzell Meetings in 2005, “Architects of the Future” has grown to become a substantial global transformational force that not only advocates a profound transformation of society, but also acknowledges that change can only start within one’s own inner self. Bound by close friendships, shared visions of a more just and peaceful world and gifted with enthusiasm, commitment and love, “Architects of the Future” engage in specific projects to achieve their ambitions.

The Waldzell Leadership Institute and the Architects of the Future work hand in hand for a conscious economy that is moved and inspired by the wish for a continuous inner and outer progress of humanity, based on social harmony and sustainability.


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