Each year the “Architects of the Future Award” is conferred to some of the most inspiring young social entrepreneurs from all over the world. It honours exceptional and compassionate young people who dedicate their lives to a higher mission by finding outstanding and innovative solutions for pressing problems. With the presentation of the Award the newly elected “Architects of the Future” become part of an ever-growing community.

The nomination for the “Architects of the Future Award” is conducted in cooperation with Ashoka, Echoing Green, Shift Foundation, Unlimited Ltd. As well as nominations from community members themselves. In selecting the candidates, particular emphasis is placed on the personality of the prospective Award winners, their inner motives and values.

Furthermore, the contents of the projects are taken into account as well, thus highlighting issues like impact, creativity and transformational power. An additional focus is put on the even distribution in terms of geographical scope and gender. In recognition of their extraordinary achievements the “Architects of the Future’s” “lifeworks” will be emblematically displayed in the Waldzell Collection. Located inside the famous library of Stift Melk, the Waldzell Collection acts as a repository for future generations and is composed of selected oeuvres created by major figures of our times.