Architect of the Future - AARON PEREIRA

Aaron is spending the next year exploring two deep interests: the spaces that people live in, and how we live together. As part of that exploration he is undertaking a series of his own experiments, as well as working with the Guggenheim Foundation on an urban design laboratory that will be taking place in Mumbai. Aaron spent the last 4 years on sabbatical. !Previously, he was a co-founder of CanadaHelps, a charity which engages Canadians to support causes in their community and around the world. CanadaHelps raises C$ 80 million a year for social sector organizations across Canada, engaging hundreds of thousands of people. ! He was also a co-founder of Vartana, which sought to meet finance needs of social and environmental organizations. While it garnered significant support from leading stakeholders,  the initiative ultimately did not achieve its vision of launching a new financial institution for the social sector. !He completed a degree with a minor in Economics from Queen's University and studied at Oxford University.

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