Architect of the Future - BREMLEY W.B. LYNGDOH

Worldview Impact is a social enterprise that is creating a sustainable business for a sustainable future by mitigating climate change at grassroots level through the creation of sustainable livelihood in order to reduce poverty. Bremley´s global team is currently working on addressing social, economic and environmental issues by using the triple bottom line business approach working with local partners in nine pilot countries. They are engaging consumers and producers in developed countries on issues concerning climate change and poverty by encouraging them to lead more sustainable lifestyles and produce greener products, thereby reducing their individual and corporate carbon footprints.

The funds raised from these initiatives, are used to support mitigation projects like reforestation, renewable energy, waste reduction and recycling to reduce poverty in the developing countries to create green jobs and sustainable livelihoods for the poor to help reduce poverty inline with the UN Millennium Development Goals.


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