Architect of the Future - CARLO MONTESANTI

Bee Guardian Foundation (BGF) is a non-profit organisation established in 2009, by young award-winning social entrepreneurs, to protect the world’s diverse bee species. Bees are keystone species within the Earth’s eco-system and are essential for maintaining biodiversity.

Bees pollinate at least one third of the food we eat, the cotton we wear and many of the medicinal plants on which we depend. Yet most people have only heard of the honeybee as being important. The honeybee is only one of 20,000 threatened bee species worldwide. We currently have 256 bee species within the UK many of which are threatened and are disappearing. Bees and flowering plants have co-evolved, so in order to maintain plant diversity we must maintain bee diversity.BGF works to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining and protecting bee and pollinator diversity, and to engage, empower and inspire individuals and groups.


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