Architect of the Future - CHRIS RAINE

Hello Sunday Morning (HSM) is a national award winning program that provides an opportunity for any individual to challenge themselves by taking an extended break from drinking alcohol. HSM exists as an online platform for individuals to tell their stories through a reflective blogging process, and share these experiences with an active online community. HSM’s online community is a peer to peer support network that facilitates public accountability, and a thought provoking journey of self discovery through reading, writing and reflection.

HSM began as a social experiment and quickly spread as a grass roots movement for thousands of people to reevaluate their relationship with alcohol. HSM’s online platform has evolved from a simple blog, to an award-winning international program with over 3800 participants in Australia & New Zealand. Based on the current growth rate HSM is projected to reach 10,000 participants by 2013, reaching a critical mass that will have a long reaching effect on Australia’s Drinking Culture.


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