Architect of the Future - DANIEL TILLIAS

Sakala is a Haitian pilot project for boys and girls club using sport as a medium to teach and promote peace building, education, community service and protection for the environment with the mission to empower dream of the most empoverish and create from there: alternatives for youth development .

The project is dedicating to raise awareness on the situation of the most marginalized and show potential and inspiration of development from underseved community. One week after the earthquake in Haiti, Sakala helped establishing and organizing the most structured IDP committee camp for people with disabilities who were victims of all kind of discrimination while access the humanitarian aid. Based on respect! and community participation the Sakala project use success like the country largest urban garden made by disabled people with the help of the kids in the soccer team to show to all NGO and public agencies that refuse to go in the so called “red zone”, where development is possible.

It encourages more willingness to invest in place like Cite Soleil to motivate than create development in countries like Haiti and other underdeveloped countries all around the world.


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