Architect of the Future - DEZA NGUEMBOCK

Deza was inspired by her own experiences as a woman living with a disability in a Western country. Handicap is a major social issue which, for many people, is still difficult to deal with. Thus, it’s generally seen in the angle of victimization or heroism in communications. Yet, nowadays, it seems important to me to show disabled people in all their humanity; so to help achieve a better integration. As art is a means to put us face to ourselves and to the universe surrounding us, Deza started E&H LAB, an agency that designs art concepts to push evolution in social perceptions. E&H LAB does awareness campaigns for example through photo exhibitions for a new way of looking at disabled people: an aesthetic, dynamic and positive image will enable the establishment of new social connections.

In October 2011, she directed a 52-minute documentary “Mirror of my soul” that drives the viewer at the hearth of Aesthetics & Disabilities’ philosophy through scenes of daily life of four disabled models who have found a certain harmony with themselves.Today and through her actions, Deza is receiving messages worldwide from disabled people willing to join her team.


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