Architect of the Future - DIEGO MARISCAL

Diego Mariscal is 20 year old. He is currently studying International Relations at American University in Washington DC. Diego has alway showed interest and passion for disability advocacy, he first got seriously involved in the community in 2002 by representing Nuevo Leon in the National Paralympics.

After several victories in the sport of swimming Diego became a spokes person for disability. In 2007 he develop and lead a student group addressing social issues of disability. This group evolved into what is now 2gether-international, a non profit that aims to Globally educate youth to break down social barriers between people with disability and people without, emphasizing the importance of disability as part of human diversity.

Most disability related organizations try to improve the functionality of the individuals with disabilities. 2gether-International however, focuses on the social aspect of a disability; acknowledging that people with disabilities are more limited by sociocultural constrains rather than by their actual disability.2gether primarily works with different colleges to develop and educational curriculum that addresses the social aspect of disabilities.

In less that three years 2gether has spread to five different campuses across the state of NL (Mexico), impacting over 2,000 students. Within the next 5-10 years Diego hope to expand 2gether-International to other states in Mexico, the United States and Europe; after all 2gether we may have limitations but we don't have limits.


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