Architect of the Future - KINGSLEY N.T. BANGWELL

Kingsley N.T. Bangwell started Youngstars Foundation at the age of 22 in a local barber shop in 1995. He operated his organization for 7 years without funding or office, butsecured his first grant in 2003. With background in Social Work and Community Development from Plateau State Polytechnic in 2004, Kingsley Bangwell is a passionate youth activist, a prolific youth speaker and a preacher. He is the first Nigerian youngster to participate in the prestigious Stanford Summer Fellowship on Democracy, Development and Rule of Law in 2007 at Stanford University California.

A 2008 Fellow of the Fletcher Summer Institute on Non-violent Conflict Advanced Training, his youth democracy academy program DESPLAY won him selection into the esteemed ASHOKA Fellowship. In 2009, his work also won him selection into Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum.Youngstars works to strengthen youth organisations involved in development work.


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