The “Architects of the Future Retreat” makes a substantive attempt to link inner work with outer forms of labour. Meditatively addressing one’s own source of strength – the inner calling – and connecting it to a certain commitment on the outside, will serve to build effective and vivid bridges between spirituality and economy. For this purpose, both issues of self management as well as questions regarding balance and spheres of privacy need to be addressed.

In addition to the training of Self Managing Leadership, led by Erika Kleestorfer, the schedule of the five-day event will provide room for intense spiritual practices, meditation and yoga as well as chanting, dancing and conversation for nights on end. Experience has shown that the following points have been referred to as particularly enriching by former “Architects of the Future”:

• The widening of perspectives towards an integrated vision of the world
• The opportunity to gain energy for the challenges of the everyday life as a social entrepreneur
• The reflection and the exchange with like-minded people
• The connection on a deeper level that facilitates sincere partnerships and friendships
• The establishment of a strong and meaningful global and intercultural network